ICT in primary schools – Dream Africa schools

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ICT in primary schools – Dream Africa schools

Primary students learning ICT

By James Mutai
Dream Africa school Bulamu

Information Communication Technology is very Paramount in today’s world.

At Dream Africa schools we undertake the role of ICT in today’s world very much seriously. Incorporating computer skills in both lower and upper primary school curriculum has yielded tremendous results.

Through programs like blended learning and coding club, pupils have been equipped with basic computer knowledge like computer hardware and software and functionality.

Blended learning

This is a form of teaching where on top of the normal mundane science lesson, visuals like videos, Graphic photos are used to illustrate the process of digestion for example.

Learners are able to watch simulations of when the food enters the mouth, chewing, swallowing, the oesophagus, larynx, the small intestines, then to the colon etc.

This is done with a teacher instructing and engaging the Learners with series of questions to check for understanding.

This is a very powerful tool in today’s education system as many digital resources are on the rise for example at Sharebility Uganda, alot of free digital resources are available for teachers to implement blended learning at their various schools.

The results are gross in that Learners are able to quickly remember the content and be able to also understand deeply the concepts being taught.

This has also motivated teachers as it makes it easier for them to explain content.

Coding club

This is a program implemented by the ICT department, Dream Africa schools where leaners with much interest in programming are equipped with coding skills.

Python, scratch, HTML, CSS and website development are part of what is taught to these Learners during coding club.

At such a tender age, being introduced to coding is a plus. By the time a learner gets to high School and University they will be at a great advantage compared to others.

This has really been of great benefit as teachers have been also tasked to undertake ICT skills in order to implement these programs. This in turn tackles the challenge of computer illiteracy which is the goal of ICT teachers Association of Uganda.

Computer fundamentals course.

This is a crash course established by Dream Africa schools to equip the community with ICT skills.
This consists of 40 hours of computer lessons, Microsoft office, the internet and social media over a period of one month at 100,000 Uganda shillings.
For more of this visit www.dreamafricaschools.com

This targets anyone in the community around the school, Carpenters, mothers, askaris, salloon owners etc.
Anyone can be computer literate as long as they can read and write. This is all to empower the community with ICT in today’s lightening fast tech world.

At Sharebility Uganda, all this is possible as many stakeholders are creating relevant localized content for specifically uganda’s curriculum.

ICT is very important in today’s world and this can be implemented as early as possible  in primary education.


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Rogers Mukalele

Rogers Mukalele

An information technologies specialist with great experience and skills in teaching ICT and website development. Passionate about educational technologies (ICT4E), digital pedagogy advocacy and building communities around technology.

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