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Sharebility Uganda Limited is an EduTech startup company incorporated in 2020, providing Online and Offline Digital Libraries, E-learning, Website Services, Software, Training & User Support. Sharebility Uganda Limited works in partnership with different teacher associations and other partner organizations to empower teachers and students with digital educational resources, trainings, and provide digital services and content to schools and the general public.

Flagship Products and Services
▪️ Sharebility Online Digital Library at sharebility.net
▪️ Sharebility Offline Deployable Kolibri Digital Library at sharebility.org
▪️ Sharebility Web Services and Digital Marketing (webservices.sharebility.net)
▪️ Sharebility Uganda E-learning YouTube channel (YouTube.com/@SharebilityUg)
▪️ Sharebility Report Card Software
▪️ Sharebility Training Workshops

Motto: Have to Give

In essence, “Have to Give” signifies that when we possess valuable knowledge, skills, or resources, we have a responsibility to share them with others to enrich their lives and create a more inclusive, empowered, and educated society.

“Have to Give” encapsulates Sharebility Uganda’s core belief in the power of sharing knowledge and resources to uplift the education community. By embracing this motto, we encourage educators, learners, and the general public to contribute their expertise and digital content, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. This spirit of generosity and mutual support drives the continuous growth and improvement of our digital libraries and services.

Which Problem is Sharebility Digital library Solving?

There is inadequate local content for digital teaching and learning, which is on high demand as school teachers and learners embrace the ICT Integration eLearning and Homeschooling trend and respond to the 21st Century educational needs of the digital natives.

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How Sharebility is Solving the Problem

Crowdsourcing digital content

We are building teacher networks and promoting the spirit of sharing educational resources in schools. This helps because the time and cost that would have been incurred by an institution, to solely create all curriculum content, is shareable through collaboration.

Reviewed and Rated for Quality

We have included features on the Sharebility Uganda platform to enable the community of users to submit reviews and ratings on each of the resources in the repository, and also leave comments regarding their appropriateness and quality.

Appropriately Categorised

We organize all content ( ie Class Presentations, Notes, eBooks, Tests and Quizzes, Homeschooling Packages, Exam Past Papers with Answers, Video Lessons, Tutorials, Schemes, etc ) arranged basing on all levels (Nursery, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and others), classes and subjects in the Curriculum

Meet Our Team

We also design and host websites at affordable rates.

Visit webservices.sharebility.net

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4.6 27 reviews

  • Sharebility is the best of it's kind, it provides a lot of teaching and learning resources for both teachers and students of all levels in Uganda, I like it so much and I keep on recommending it to my students whenever am conducting … More a lesson. However, some learning materials can not be downloaded well as they tend to remain in Google Drive making offline reading difficult, hope you will work upon that. Thanks
    MBOOWA MOSES ★★★★★ 2 years ago

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