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A Comprehensive Approach to Practical Subsidiary ICT First Edition, 2020 by Kakuru Benard


Computer Studies & ICT hands-on handbook By Mutyaba Daniel


Syllabus Based Subsidiary ICT For A Level & Higher Institutions by Mutyaba Daniel


How to Download ebook in soft copy: Click on Add to Cart, then a green section with a button for ‘View cart’ will appear. Click on VIEW CART. On the cart, scroll down and click on the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button. On the checkout page, you will fill in your billing/contact information, then choose a payment gateway to use. Mobile Money is chosen by default. To use mobile money, simply type in your mobile money account number without the leading zero . A prompt will be sent to your phone. Once you authorize payment, it will take a few minutes for your payment to be detected before you are redirected to the download page. Other options (VISA/MasterCard) are also available. The download will also be automatically sent to your email. In case of any assistance, send an email to or call / text / WhatsApp 0776960740/0706060740 for help.


The author developed this book basing on the NCDC syllabus to enable teachers and learners to have credible content that is basing on the requirements of the syllabus. Learners can use it as self study book and teachers can use it as a resource material. This simplifies a teacher work because it flows based on the UACE Subsidiary ICT syllabus.

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