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#1. Which one of the following forms of energy is conserved in biogas?

#2. Figure 4 shows a rectangular framework which can be sheared by force. The framework will resist the shear due to the force if the beam is fixed along

#3. The energy change that takes place when a hot metal releases an electron is

#4. An atom becomes positively charged when it loses an electron because

#5. The time that elapses between the lightning flash and thunder is 5 s. Find the distance of the cloud from the observer, (sveed of’sound in air is 330 ms-1)

#6. Which one of the following statements is true about the self-induced e.m.f of a coil?

#7. When no external forces act on two bodies in a collision, the total momentum of the bodies

#8. Which one of the following optical devices can be used as a solar concentrator?

#9. Thermionic emission occurs (I) in all metals. (ii) when electrons gain enough thermal energy. (iii) when accelerating voltage is applied at the anode.

#10. A kettle rated 1200 W contains 2 kg of water at 25°C. How long would it take to raise the temperature of the water to 85°C if 80% of the electrical energy supplied is absorbed by the water?

#11. A negatively charged pointed conductor mounted on an insulated stand loses charge in air because

#12. An object of height 1cm is placed 4 cm from a convex lens forms an image five times the height of the object. Find the distance of the image from the lens.

#13. Which of the following is correct about current that flows through resistors connected in series?

#14. A heating element of resistance 40 C2 produces 360 kJ of heat in 5mins. Find the current flowing through the element.

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