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#1. A hydraulic lift has a large piston of radius 2m and a small piston of radius 0.02 m. The velocity ratio of the hydraulic lift is;

#2. In Fleming’s left hand rule;

#3. A 6V, 24W lamp shines at full brightness when it is connected to the output of a transformer with 800 turns on the primary coil. The voltage applied to the primary coil is 240V and there is no power loss in the transformer. The number of turns in the secondary coil is;

#4. In house wiring, fuses are used to;

#5. The refrigerator works on the principle that;

#6. Reverberation is due to;

#7. An electric bell may give louder sound if;

#8. A convex lens refracts parallel rays of light to its principle axis. This implies that;

#9. A plastic material is one which;

#10. A single fixed pulley is used to raise a load of 400N. What effort is required if the useless load is 80N?

#11. The change in momentum of a body;

#12. Which of the following increases the rate at which a radioactive sample gives off radiations?

#13. The beam in figure 3 is in equilibrium. The reaction at the pivot is.

#14. All the following instruments use convex lenses except;

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