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#1. The state of matter whose volume is easily changed is;

#2. All these are examples of total internal reflection except;

#3. Water has;

#4. Dispersion of light in a glass prism is due to;

#5. Energy gained or lost by a body is;

#6. The instrument that can accurately measure the diameter of a thin wire in the lab is;

#7. The crushing can experiment demonstrates;

#8. When the change in the displacements of a body is constant over equal time intervals, the body is;

#9. Two insulators rubbed against each other get charged due to;

#10. The charge delivered by a cell driving a current of 2 microamperes for 2 hours is;

#11. In a petrol engine, the petrol air mixture is;

#12. The pitch of a sound of a vibrating string increases if;

#13. The most common emf sources in the national grid in Uganda are;

#14. For nuclear fusion to occur;

#15. A particle from an atom has atomic number zero and mass number one. It is;

#16. The force that allows the moon to move around the earth is;

#17. The correct order of increasing wavelength of light is;

#18. The sharp edges of a shadow shows that;

#19. The charge density inside a hollow conductor is always;

#20. With reference to magnetism, which of these is the odd man out?

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Sharebility Ashunter

Sharebility Ashunter

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