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2nd Phase Home Study Learning Booklets and Video Lessons Developed by Ministry of Education and Sports, NCDC and UNEB


The ministry of education and sports, in conjunction with its institutions and partners, has developed several booklets with self study content for primary and secondary schools and also created a new digital platform with  professionally created video lessons to enhance student’s learning.

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, government of Uganda closed all schools and other educational institutions to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. This has affected more than 36,314 primary schools, 3129 secondary schools, 430,778 teachers and 12,777,390 learners. The COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent closure of all has had drastically impacted on learning especially curriculum coverage, loss of interest in education and learner readiness in case schools open. This could result in massive rates of learner dropouts due to unwanted pregnancies and lack of school fees among others.

To mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the education system in Uganda, the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) constituted a Sector Response Taskforce (SRT) to strengthen the sector’s preparedness and response measures. The SRT and National Curriculum Development Centre developed print home-study materials, radio and television scripts for some selected subjects for all learners from Pre-Primary to Advanced Level. The Centre appreciates the contribution from all those who guided the development of these materials to make sure they are of quality; Development partners – SESIL, Save the Children and UNICEF; all the Panel members of the various subjects; sister institutions – UNEB and DES
for their valuable contributions.

Download Links

Primary Level Home Study Content by NCDC (Aug 2020)

Secondary Level Home Study Content by NCDC (Aug 2020)

Visit the new platform for video lessons

The materials will enhance continued learning and learning for progression during this period of the lockdown, and will still be relevant when schools resume. The materials focused on critical competences in all subjects in the curricula to enable the learners to achieve without the teachers’ guidance. Therefore effort should be made for all learners to access and use these materials during the lockdown.

Advice to the student

The content is organized into lesson units. Each unit has lesson activities, summary notes and assessment activities. Some lessons have projects that you need to carry out at home during this period. You are free to use other reference materials to get more information for specific topics. Seek guidance from people at home who are knowledgeable to clarify in case of a challenge. The knowledge you can acquire from this content can be supplemented with other learning options that may be offered on radio, television, newspaper learning programmes.

More learning materials can also be accessed by visiting our website at or the new digital platform at You can access the website using an internet enabled computer or mobile phone.

NCDC digital platform
The new NCDC digital platform at at has professionally created video lessons to enhance student’s learning.

NCDC has also started a YouTube channel  where the videos will be hosted.

We encourage you to present your work to your class teacher when schools resume so that your teacher is able to know what you learned during the time you have been away from school. This will form part of your assessment. Your teacher will also assess the assignments you will have done and do corrections where you might not have done it right.

The content has been developed with full awareness of the home learning environment without direct supervision of the teacher. The methods, examples and activities used in the materials have been carefully selected to facilitate continuity of learning. You are therefore in charge of your own learning. You need to give yourself favourable time for learning. This material can as well be used beyond the home-study situation. Keep it for reference anytime. Develop your learning timetable to cater for continuity of learning and other responsibilities given to you at home.

Advice to the Teachers

Teachers are advised to get these materials in order to plan appropriately for further learning when schools resume, while parents/guardians need to ensure that their children access copies of these materials and use them appropriately.

NCDC takes the responsibility for any shortcomings that might be identified in this publication and welcomes suggestions for improvement. The comments and suggestions may be communicated to NCDC through P.O. Box 7002 Kampala or email [email protected] or by visiting our website at

At Sharebility Uganda, we applaud the effort of MoeS and National Curriculum Development Centre in responding to the COVID19 emergency through appropriate guidance and the timely development of these home study materials. We recommend them for use by all learners during the lockdown and we shall keep sharing them on Sharebility Uganda platform for wider access.

Article by Mukalele Rogers

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