Mathematics Self Study Quiz 001

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#1. Solve the quadratic equation 2x2—3x—20=0

#2. A senior three class had 120 girls. 76 opted to take Commerce (C). 25 took Political Education (F) only. 60 girls took both F and C. How many girls took neither P nor C?

#3. Solve the equation x/2 - (x+1)/4 = (x/3) + 2

#4. Building A is 40m high. The angle of depression of the top of building B from the top of A is 26°. if the two buildings are 10m apart, find the height of building B. (Give your answer to two decimal places.)

#5. Given that a * b =(a+b)/(a-b), find the value of (5 *3) * 2.

#6. A wooden box is 2 m long, 50 cm broad and 3 m high. Find the surface area in square metres of the box

#7. Find the gradient of a line whose equation is 2y + 3x—8=0.

#8. A box contains red, white and black balls. The probability of picking a red ball is 2/5 and that of a white ball is 1/6. What is the black ball from the box?

#9. The length of a rectangular carpet is 5 metres more than its width, If its area is 24squaremetres, find the width of the carpet

#10. Write the coordinates of the point where the line (2y + 3x—8=0) cuts the y – axis

#11. Ali deposited Shs 56,00O in a bank. The bank gives a compound interest of 15% per annum. Find the amount of money he had in the bank after two years.

#12. Find the Highest Common Factor (HCF) of 9, 12, and 15

#13. Find the equation of the line passing through the points (—7, —2) and (—3, 4).

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