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#1. I_______________ very happy to receive your invitation letter last week.

#2. I was _______________ to see the snake in my house

#3. Deep _______________ . (choose the opposite of the given word)

#4. Our school choir won the National _______________ competition last year.

#5. High _______________ .

#6. We learn how to read and _______________ in school.

#7. He asked me _______________ my name was.

#8. Ochola is the _______________ of the two boys.

#9. They haven’t met_______________ two years now.

#10. Mother Babiry told her triplets to share the mangoes _______________themselves.

#11. A thief ran _______________our house yesterday.

#12. We shall go to the zoo tomorrow, _______________ we?

#13. ______________ you answer most of the questions correctly, you will not get high marks.

#14. Children will not know _______________ dangerous fire is unless they touch it.

#15. The teacher asked her to 'say again' the word.( choose a single word for the group of words in single quotes )

No tags for this post.
Sharebility Ashunter

Sharebility Ashunter

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