Computer Studies Self Test Quiz 001

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#1. BIOS is directly concerned with one of the following computer tasks.

#2. Which of these file extension names belongs to a word processor file

#3. A trial version is an example of ……

#4. Private networks or computers are protected from external attacks by using

#5. …………. printer has the lowest print quality with lowest running costs.

#6. Peter has data on an external hard disk with 1 Tera byte storage capacity. How many flash disks of 2GB storage capacity does he need to store the same amount of data.?

#7. Which of these computing devices used during mechanical era had characteristics almost similar to present day computers

#8. On the web ……….. is the use of computers to simulate a real or imaged environment that appears as a three dimensional (3-D) space

#9. What will be the effect of transferring A$2 to K10 in a computer spreadsheet.?

#10. The ethical issue that deals with the responsibility of controlling the availability and use of data is…….

#11. Which stage during the machine processing cycle is concerned with the interpretation of the given instruction?

#12. In word processing, use of a …………… enables a user to apply a desired font design to a selected text

#13. …………….is a protocol designed to transfer electronic mail reliably and efficiently on a network.

#14. One of the following measures can help one troubleshoot a flash disk which cannot be read by the computer:

#15. To produce a sketch map of Uganda from a computer onto a print media, senior four students will use a ….

#16. Which type of software can be used to request for a specific resource from the server on a network?

#17. Which of these definitions is ideal for a robot

#18. An ATM is a

#19. Mr. Kato wants to view all his six slides at once and rearrange them in a different order. Which of these presentation view can he use?

#20. P2P network functional relationship works well where computers share:

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