Computer Self Study Quiz 010

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#1. Which of the following types of printers does not use a print-head mechanism when printing characters

#2. Which of these devices is not a magnetic storage medium?

#3. Optical Disks used in computers are usually made of

#4. A scanner is an example of

#5. Which component collects the result of computations in the CPU?

#6. Which device helps a computer to continue operating after a power failure?

#7. Which number represents the greatest amount of data?

#8. What is 4.5 Kilo Bytes equal to?

#9. Which storage device normally cannot be written to?

#10. The process of initializing a disk to be ready for data storage is called Disk ………

#11. The original ASCII code used …bits of each byte, reserving the last bit for error checking.

#12. How is Christopher Latham Sholes remembered in the history of computers?

#13. In computer studies and information technology, a bug is a

#14. How much does 10D hex represent in octal?

#15. Computers process information in the form of bits made up of 1s and 0s. These numbers are known as

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Andrew Daada

Andrew Daada

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