Computer Self Study Quiz 009

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#1. Imaging devices are categorized as

#2. Keys F1 through F12 are known as ….keys.

#3. Businesses that use carbon invoices prefer ……… printers.

#4. 01001101 binary is

#5. To copy an image of only the current application’s window to the clipboard, press

#6. Which is not usually an environmental danger for computers?

#7. Which of these acronyms is a programming language?

#8. What is the best definition of a computer program?

#9. The best way to protect your work against unforeseen computer problems is to always

#10. Serial ports transmit data

#11. A hard disk stores information as a sequence of

#12. The tracks on a diskette are made of

#13. An example of an impact printer is

#14. The fastest type of data access is

#15. The decimal form of 100011 binary is

#16. A mouse is mainly used as

#17. A monitor is mainly used as

#18. Data cannot be stored permanently in RAM because

#19. When you try to delete a file from a floppy disk you get an error message. What could cause this error?

#20. The file SmallLetter.doc is in the sub-folder (sub-directory) Letters, which is in the folder (directory) correspondence on a USB flash drive. The disk drive letter is F. What is the correct path to the file?

No tags for this post.
Andrew Daada

Andrew Daada

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