Computer Self Study Quiz 007

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#1. The following are parts of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) except

#2. In computer studies and information technology, a bug is a

#3. Select one tool that controls the size, margins and orientation when working on a word document.

#4. 3rd generation computers are characterized by the development and use of

#5. A hardware on a network or communication system which receives, boosts and retransmits a signal to the next part of a system is a

#6. How many cells are in the range Y12:AC18 in a spreadsheet?

#7. The graphics interface usually moves and points the cursor with the

#8. A document that contains the layout and formatting necessary for a specific document type is a

#9. This is the process through which data from a sending device is converted into signals which the communication medium can carry is known as

#10. ………. is the vertical section of tracks through all platters on a hard disk

#11. A port that uses radio waves to transmit data between two devices, without using cables is known as a

#12. How much does 4EC hex represent in binary?

#13. A super computer is used in

#14. A DVD writer is a/an

#15. What is 2.1 Kilo Bytes equal to?

#16. Which component collects the result of computations in the CPU?

#17. The Country known for the first use of abacus is ________ .

#18. The first commercially available computer developed in the year 1951 was ________ .

#19. A Samsung galaxy is an example of a ________ computer

#20. The original ASCII code used…bits of each byte, reserving the last bit for error checking

Andrew Daada

Andrew Daada

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