Computer Self Study Quiz 004

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#1. Kisaawe Ahmed has accidentally deleted all the text he has been working on for 3 hours! What should he do to restore the work?

#2. Which of the following relationships best shows the way the user relates to the parts of a computer system

#3. Which of the following is NOT a spreadsheet program?

#4. Which term below is related to the size of a font?

#5. The best spreadsheet function for finding the smallest value in a range is

#6. Which one of the following Operating Systems does not have a GUI

#7. Anywar Cornelius is trying to remember how to use the PRODUCT function in a spreadsheet. What should he do

#8. “Ascending” and “Descending” are used in which spreadsheet feature

#9. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of a chip (ROM) based operating system?

#10. What happens when the ‘Print Screen’ key on the keyboard is pressed

#11. To give a visual presentation, cell ranges can be depicted in a

#12. Which of the following is NOT a feature of a system software specification?

#13. Turning the computer on by pressing the power switch is called a

#14. The main responsibility of a modem is to

#15. One advantage of a Local Area Network (LAN) is to

#16. In which word processing menu will you find the spell check option?

#17. Which of the following is true about an absolute reference in a spreadsheet? A. It can only be used on individual cells but not on ranges.

#18. The fastest permanent storage device is the

#19. 40. In application software like word processing the series of menu commands and keystrokes that have been recorded and given a name is called

#20. Cell addresses in a spreadsheet are described

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Andrew Daada

Andrew Daada

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