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#1. A document with copyrighted material is marked with

#2. A computer takes time to boot. During this time the computer is

#3. How is Christopher Latham Sholes remembered in the history of computers?

#4. Which of the following is both an input and an output device?

#5. The operating system does different tasks. One of these tasks is to

#6. relative living overseas sends you a computer. What should you check before plugging in the power lead?

#7. Which file attribute will protect a file from being written to?

#8. The system clock

#9. A sequence of coded instructions which the computer interprets is a

#10. Which of the following devices must be used in order to connect two computers for sharing of data?

#11. Which error message will excel show if text in a function syntax is not recognized?

#12. What font formatting was given to the name “Rogers”?

#13. The first operation to move a paragraph from one place to another is

#14. The filename “ebola.pdf” tells you that the information in the file is about ebola and the file is

#15. Susan has an Office Suite on her computer. It allows her to put spreadsheet tables into her word processor document. This Office Suite is an example of

#16. A printer should be connected to which port?

#17. Copyright regulations don’t apply to

#18. A hardware or software system used to restrict access to data and information on a network is called

#19. Which operating system function would you use to find a lost file?

#20. Which of the following is NOT a management task carried out by the Operating System?

No tags for this post.
Andrew Daada

Andrew Daada

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