Chemistry Self Study Test Quiz 001

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#1. Which one of the following is formed when calcium hydrogen carbonate solution is heated?

#2. In extraction of sodium from sodium chloride, the melting point of sodium chloride is lowered by addition of;

#3. Monoclinic sulphur and rhombic sulphur are allotropes. The two forms exist because;

#4. When a mixture of solid K and concentrated sulphuric acid was warmed, a gas that gave dense white fumes with ammonia was evolved. Which one of the following is the anion in K?

#5. Which one of the following chlorides is prepared by double decomposition method?

#6. Which one of the following processes increases the amount of nitrogen in the atmosphere?

#7. Substance Y has the following properties; (i) Melting point – 112oC (ii) Boiling point -84oC (iii) Conducts electric current in aqeous solution the properties show that Y. The properties show that Y

#8. Carbonic acid is a weak acid. This means that the acid is;

#9. The alloy that does not contain copper is;

#10. Which of the following substances when dissolved in water would give a solution with a pH less than 7?

#11. Which one of the following mixtures when heated would form a residue which is yellow when hot? The mixture of zinc and the oxide of;

#12. The number of moles of hydrogen ions in 500cm3 of 0.2M sulphuric acid is;

#13. Which one of the following is normally used in catalytic oxidation of ammonia during manufacture of nitric acid?

#14. Which one of the following oxides will in addition to reacting with nitric acid, also react with potassium hydroxide solution?

#15. The atomic number of an element Y is What is the atomic number of element Y, which is immediately below Y in the same group in the periodic table?

#16. Which one of the following is physical change?

#17. The form of carbon produced by burning methane gas in limited supply of air is;

#18. Which one of the following gases is used to extract iron from its ore?

#19. The gas that is produed when water is added to a boiling tube containing sodium peroxide is;

#20. 20cm3 of a dibasic acid was neutralized by 30cm3 of 0.4M sodium hydroxide solution. The concentration of the dibasic in moles per litre is;

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