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#1. In which of the bones of the fore limbs is the olecranon fossa?

#2. In vertebrates the joint between an axis and atlas vertebrae is known as;

#3. Which one of the following ¡s a characteristic of cervical vertebra?

#4. The last two pairs of human ribs are described as floating ribs because;

#5. Which one of the following is a characteristic feature of the sacrum?

#6. Which of the following types of skeleton does the earth worm possess?

#7. Which one of the following does not aid flight in birds?

#8. What name ¡s given to the longest bone ¡n the human body?

#9. Which one of the following fins provides a major propulsion force ¡n a fish?

#10. Zygopophyses are ......

#11. The femur is connected to the pelvic girdle of a mammal by;

#12. How can the ulna be distinguishes from the radius?

#13. Which of the following ¡s the function of the neural canal?

#14. From which of the following regions of the body would you find vertebrae with less developed centra?

#15. Which one of the following is not a function of the verterbral?

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