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#1. The last two pairs of human ribs are described as floating ribs because;

#2. In which of the bones of the fore limbs is the olecranon fossa?

#3. The lumber bones are large and stout. This ¡s because;

#4. Which one of the following ¡s a characteristic of cervical vertebra?

#5. The following are features found in birds. I) Light bones, ii) webbed feet, iii) Presence of feathers, iv) Streamlined body. Which of the features are adaptations for flight?

#6. The intervertebral disc refers to ....

#7. The fins which keep a fish in water are the;

#8. A student noted the following characteristics on a vertebra? i) long neural spine, ii) wide neural canal, iii) short transverse process, The vertebra was;

#9. A tendon is .......

#10. What happens to insect wings when depressor muscles are relaxed? The wings

#11. A vertebra has a short neural spine, a neural canal, and a vertebral arterial canal. From this description, the vertebra belongs to;

#12. Which of the following is true of an atlas vertebra?

#13. Which of the following features of an amphibian are suited for aquatic life?

#14. Which one of the following types of skeleton forms an internal supporting system for the body?

#15. Which one of the following is not a function of the verterbral?

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