Available: Nursery, Primary and Secondary Uganda Curriculum NBS Home Schooling Video Lessons

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One of the biggest challenges for parents during this period is to give explanations to their home schooling learners. Many parents cant recall many academic topics. Whereas as printed learning materials are vital to guide revision, videos can help get explanations from the experts.

Videos don’t have to just be used to introduce a topic or be a general overview. If your child is struggling with reading or listening to details about a Math, English, Science or history topic, a video with pictures, diagrams, and examples along with an explanation voiced in another by another source may just be the switch to new found understanding!

Videos serve also as a great summary and review of what you just learned about a science topic or a historical time period. It helps wrap up all the information you just learned and puts it into perspective for your learners and helps them become ready to move onto the next topic.

In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, NBS Television constituted a team of teachers from several schools, including Taibah International School, Naalya Secondary School, Kampala Junior Academy, Kampala Parents School and Naalya SS Namugongo to create a number of Home schooling video lessons for Nursery, Primary and Secondary levels. The video playlist is embedded below and more are added on a daily basis.

Benefits of using Media to in the education

Research suggests that people learn abstract, new, and novel concepts more easily when they are presented in both verbal and visual form. Other empirical research shows that visual media make concepts more accessible to a person than text media and help with later recall.

In Willingham’s (2009) research he asks a simple question to make his point, “Why do students remember everything that’s on television and forget what we lecture?” – because visual media helps students retain concepts and ideas. Bransford, Browning, and Cocking (1999, p 194) also note the crucial role that technology plays for creating learning environments that extend the possibilities of one-way communication media, such as movies, documentaries, television shows and music into new areas that require interactive learning like visualizations and student-created content.

Video As a Flexible Teaching Medium…

The more interested and engaged students are, and the more interactive each learning session is, the more students will enjoy, learn from and retain information from the lesson. Video provides a means of interactive instruction and is a very flexible medium. Having the ability to stop, start and rewind is absolutely invaluable.

As educators, our aim is to get students energized and engaged in the hands-on learning process, and video is clearly an instructional medium that is compelling and generates a much greater amount of interest and enjoyment than the more traditional printed material. Using sight and sound, video is the perfect medium for students who are auditory or visual learners. With the added use of subtitles each child then has the choice to watch, listen to, or read each presentation. Video stimulates and engages students creating interest and maintaining that interest for longer periods of time, and it provides an innovative and effective means for educators to address and deliver the required curriculum content.

Media — Brings your lessons to life!

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An information technologies specialist with great experience and skills in teaching ICT and website development. Passionate about educational technologies (ICT4E), digital pedagogy advocacy and building communities around technology.

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