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How we support digital pedagogy​

Digital pedagogy is the use of contemporary digital technologies in teaching and learning. It involves use of technology and digital content e.g. power point presentations, instead of using traditional print materials alone.

By pooling resources and taking advantage of each other’s expertise, learning providers can build adequate capacity, reduce redundancy in infrastructure and reduce costs. This resource sharing platform enables the inter-connection, inter-communication, sharing and speeds up the process of access to resources for teaching and learning.

Consequently, the time and cost that would have been incurred by an institution, to solely create all curricullum content, is sharable amongst the partners through a give-and-take commitment.

How we support homeschooling

In response to school closure over the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have accelerated efforts to pool many resources to support home schooling in Uganda and beyond. 

The role of a homeschooling parent is to act as an academic teacher, teaching children a range of different topics. Homeschooling children amid the Covid-19 pandemic can be a great challenge for parents, without guiding content.

Because of this challenge, many schools are sharing digital educational resources through social media and on eLearning sections of their websites, and we are sourcing and putting them into a centralised pool for wider access. Teachers are encouraged to upload more resources  to the pool. Join us, lets share resources to facilitate the human right to quality education (SDG4).